It's not just a trendy new way to pay. It's a single source solution that will generate an additional income stream, and redefine your relationships with your customers.



FAMA mobile commerce solutions facilitate, expedite and personalize the payments process. As a FAMA mobile money merchant, you become the one place where any consumer can send money overseas, pay bills, top-up airtime and more. All they need is you.


Give the gift on conversation and communication, and get the rewards of customers spending extra time and money in your store. Your customers can add minutes to their own pre-paid phones, or send airtime to friends and family internationally, right from your place of business. You enter the telephone number of the cell phone to be recharged, choose the amount of the purchase, and identify the account from which money should be sent. Notification of the top-up is sent immediately, and the phone is recharged instantly with the amount you specify.


Personal payments. Borderless payments. Person to person payments. You make it all possible, for any customer who walks into your store. Those who have the FamaCash digital wallet can load money to their accounts simply by handing you cash, a debit card, or a credit card. They can also transfer fund to anyone else with a digital wallet, using the wallet as a stored-value/prepaid device, or a connection to their debit or credit card accounts. You simply enter the contact information, the amount of money to move, and the account from which funds will be drawn. Funds are transferred immediately, just like cash, and transactions are completely secure.


This feature alone will drive footfall and send countless new customers to your business. A vital tool for the unbanked and under-banked, as well as for those helping to support friends and family overseas, the bill payment feature makes it simple for all bills to be paid from one centralized location: yours. Your customers can pay virtually any kind of bill, from rent and utility bills to child support and traffic tickets, in the USA and abroad. They can even pay bills for friends and family members. You simply enter payee information and amount due, and select whether your customer will be paying with cash, a debit card or a credit card. Bills are paid automatically, and receipts are emailed to your customers.


Soon, most businesses will be issuing gift cards digitally, and savvy customers will store these in their digital wallets, making them easily accessible at any point of sale. As a FAMA Merchant, gift cards can work for you in two ways: first, you can issue gift cards for the products and services you offer in your store; and, second, you can sell gift cards for all your new services, such as mobile top-up and bill payment. These will make great gifts, and expand your customer base internationally.


Staying connected to your best customers is the most effective and efficient way to stay profitable, and FAMA is developing the rewarding loyalty opportunities you can use to grow your customer base and boost their loyalty. As a FAMA merchant, you simply use your software to issue rewards that incent spending, make targeted offers based on customer preference, and push coupons that drive footfall. You can even use customer history and preferences to create precise marketing campaigns designed to accomplish any sales objective. All without any outside resources or any professional experience. All without leaving your chair.